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Clients rely on our decades of experience catering to the complex, multi-faceted needs of entrepreneurs and businesses located in the Washington, DC metro region, including northern Virginia and suburban Maryland.

You are our ideal client if you are a business owner, investor, entrepreneur or function at a high-level capacity in your job and in your life. If you care enough to do things the right way, we want to get to know you. 

One of our neat niches is providing legal services to business coaches, consultants and others in the professional development field. Contact us to learn more.

Let’s face it…

No one really likes to sue or be sued. If you have a matter in Court, we want to help you. Many times the best solution is a negotiated one; however, we stand ready to go to Court with you when that is necessary. In litigation, we have capably represented both plaintiffs and defendants.

By default, we are looking to secure a favorable result, whether through a negotiated settlement or through trial. Ultimately, we defer to the client’s unique needs and develop solutions within the framework provided by the client.

What Defines Policastri Law Firm?

At Policastri Law Firm LLC, we have seen it all. Our firm has handled everything from real property issues to contract disputes to labor and employment matters. Quite simply, our significant experience litigating cases, and particularly those focused on contract disputes, has given us insight into the strategies typically employed by opposing counsel (and the challenges likely to be encountered in transactional matters).

We are litigators with practical experience trying cases and handling disputes at trial. This willingness to try a case not only gives us a competitive advantage in litigation (due to our preparedness and comfortability in a high-conflict dispute), but it also helps us negotiate favorable settlements. Settlements are ongoing throughout the litigation process, including the initial work-up of a case. As settlements typically take place while the case continues to move forward, our litigation preparedness allows us to exert significant pressure on opposing counsel to resolve the dispute before it spirals into a full-blown trial.

Contact Us for Legal Guidance

If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive legal services and how we can assist you with your legal needs, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation. Our attorneys are ready to discuss the matter at hand, no matter the complexity. We frequently hear clients say, “I will call you when I need you.” Usually, by that time it is late in the game. If you have a problem, chances are good it is a legal problem or a problem to which a legal solution needs to be effected right away. Time is always of the essence.

We understand the hesitation to contact counsel early on. We understand the reluctance to admit you have a problem. Nevertheless, the sooner you get us on board, the better. Unlike many of our competitors, we invest significant time and effort into each of our clients. From the moment we begin handling a matter, we take steps to form a highly-communicative, transparent partnership that is considerate of the client’s goals and concerns. We are excellent at diagnosing and solving problems.

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Our Practice Areas

Because we prefer client-centered over lawyer-labeled “practice areas,” we have a diverse subject-matter breadth. We routinely serve clients involved in contract litigation, negotiation, and drafting — such as real estate contracts, construction contracts, consulting agreements, employment agreements — as well as those clients who require business planning, and trusts and estates planning.