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Washington, DC Business Attorney Gene Policastri 

When entrepreneurs and executives in large and small businesses have legal questions, Gene Policastri has answers.  As the firm’s founder, Gene draws on more than three decades of unique legal experience to help clients get to the root cause of legal disputes and craft a solution with an eye toward what’s next. 

Gene is a problem solver first. That means regularly crafting a solution to the specific legal dispute or issue at hand. Often, however, it also involves probing below the surface to understand the larger problem and resolve it in a way that is cognizant of potential future litigation. He has built a solid reputation with clients for taking the time to personally understand their circumstances and needs. Gene also prides himself on giving the people and entities that he represents an honest assessment of the situation. 

At Policastri Law Firm, LLC, Gene and our team of Washington, DC Metropolitan Area business attorneys are committed to building strong relationships with the clients that we represent. We draw on those relationships to develop solutions that are tailored to your needs. 

Experience and Success

Gene comes to clients with a rich background of representing business clients in the full gamut of legal issues. That includes significant experience in the courtroom and providing general counsel services to a variety of companies, entrepreneurs, and business consultants and coaches.

This experience allows him to approach problems with a wide array of potential solutions.

For instance, Gene is a former co-chair of the American Bar Association construction committee’s solo and small firm section. He has provided continuing education seminars to engineers and architects.

His work has also included everything from defending a chain of radio stations sued on fraudulently-obtained promissory notes worth millions of dollars to representing investors in a commercial real estate business in a contract dispute.

Gene graduated from Colgate University before earning a law degree from Tulane University Law School in 1989. He practiced law in New Orleans until 2000, when he moved his practice to the Washington, DC region. Gene is admitted to practice law in Louisiana, Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.

Legal Services for Business Coaches

Gene has also found a niche working closely with business coaches, life coaches and others in the personal and corporate development fields. That includes creating packages of services tailored to their individual needs.

Gene prides himself in developing collaborative working relationships with both business owners and coaches. By providing comprehensive legal services, he helps those clients focus on what they do best: running their businesses.

He offers a number of packages for coaches, including a suite of basic legal agreements. These coaching/client agreements and other contracts are designed to serve as a template that can continue to be used as the business grows.

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