Jesse Stein


Jesse is a seasoned trial attorney who skillfully advocates on behalf of his clients. He is adept at pinpointing the exact issues that need to be addressed, and when possible, he works to quickly resolve disputes before they reach the courthouse.

Jesse has represented individuals and a wide range of entities from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of business and employment matters, lawsuits involving real property and estate litigation.

Commercial Litigation

Cases Jesse has handled in the commercial sector include multimillion-dollar contract claims, corporate governance matters, partnership disputes and dissolutions, issues with non-compete / non-solicitation agreements, employee wage disputes, fraud and conspiracy claims, and other business-related disputes. He has experience representing clients in commercial and residential landlord-tenant actions and property developers in land disputes. For contractors and subcontractors, Jesse has obtained payment for their services through the establishment and enforcement of mechanics’ liens.

Real Estate Disputes

Jesse’s work on behalf of property owners is extensive. Jesse has represented them in adverse possession claims. He has successfully defended them in claims by neighbors of encroachment, and by purchasers with claims of fraud, mold, and concealed defects. He has handled claims of trespass, and claims of property damage and water runoff from construction sites.

Estate Litigation

In matters involving trusts and estates, Jesse has litigated issues involving waste of assets and undue influence claims. He is proficient in issues involving capacity and fiduciary duties and regularly litigates disputes involving trust and estate management on behalf of trustees, personal representatives, and beneficiaries. He has been appointed by Courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia to serve as guardian and conservator in intervention proceedings and served as guardian ad-litem, assessing the best interest of individuals alleged to be incapacitated. 

Early in his career, Jesse’s practice focused on mental health and disability law. He represented persons with disabilities at University Legal Services, the District of Columbia’s Protection and Advocacy Center. Jesse has continued to stay active in protecting the rights of those persons by serving as guardian / conservator for persons needing assistance.

Education and Admissions

Jesse graduated from New York Law School in 1998. Prior to that, he received his undergraduate degree from The American University. He is admitted to practice in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and New York. Jesse appears before judges and juries in federal, state, and appellate courts. He is experienced at representing clients in mediation and arbitration.

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