How We Work

Our attorneys work for you as trusted advisors. We incorporate real world practicality with the highest level of professional, ethical, and effective representation. You are our focus. We work with you to obtain the best possible outcome and resolution.  

Our Approach 

Every client’s situation is different, which is why we approach every case differently. For each client we go through a 3-step process in order to determine the best course of action. 

  1. Engage – The first step in any relationship is to actively listen and engage. We will take the time to ask questions that will allow us to completely understand your situation.  
  2. Evaluate – Our attorneys work diligently to evaluate and understand the real issue and underlying problem.  
  3. Execute – With our thoughtful and bold approach, we will work together to develop and execute a legal strategy that is designed specifically for your particular case and needs.  

When you place your trust in Policastri Law Firm, LLC to be your legal advisor, you can expect collaborative goal review, open communication, and personalized legal strategies.   

Legal assistance is required in today’s complex world. Do not try to navigate these waters alone. We are committed to providing you a positive experience while you leave the details to us 

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