Deposition Preparation

Preparing for trial takes precision. There are numerous steps that need to be executed properly with meticulous attention to detail. Deposition preparation is simply one of those steps. A deposition is testimony provided by a witness under oath to discover facts and / or to be used as evidence in court.

Depositions can be stressful and exhausting if you are not properly prepared. This often leads to contradictory testimony that can put a testifier at risk of being accused of perjury. If you are going to be deposed, allow our team of attorneys to help you prepare.

If you are preparing for a deposition, here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Be prepared and relax.
  • Take a moment, think before responding to the question.
  • Make sure that you fully understand the question.
  • Always tell the truth.
  • If you are unsure of an answer, that is ok. Simply say that you do not remember.
  • Stay calm. Don’t get upset.

Being prepared for a deposition is critically important as they hold the same weight as a testimony given at trial and may be entered into evidence during the trial. Our attorneys can help you through this process by anticipating the questions you may be asked in order to recall and clarify the relevant information and help prevent contradictions in your testimony.

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