Understanding the Standard of Care

The Standard of Care for performance of design professional services states the criteria the designer must meet to avoid being negligent in performing their duties. Perfection is not the standard.

The Standard of Care is defined as the level of skill and care employed by design professionals practicing in the same or similar circumstances and geographical area. In the simplest of terms, Standard of Care establishes a baseline of performance that the professional is responsible to meet.

Not all errors or omissions are due to negligence. Some examples include:

  • Changes in codes or regulations missed by design professionals
  • Inaccurate owner data
  • Inaccurate vendor data
  • Misinterpretations of code requirements
  • Unforeseen site conditions

Our attorneys are experienced in construction law as it relates to architects and engineers. We can advise you on the proof necessary to meet the standard at the onset – before costly litigation ensues.

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