Commercial Real Estate Lease Negotiation

Reading a commercial real estate lease is much like reading the loan documents for your home. It is complex, slightly overwhelming and your head can start to spin very quickly. How should the lease be structured? Single net, net-net, triple net, or full-service gross? Most of our clients are successful business owners who do not have the time necessary to commit to drafting or negotiating their commercial real estate lease.

Whether you are a property owner renting out your first (or thousandth!) property or a small business looking for space to grow, our attorneys take the time to fully understand your needs and requirements. After completing your needs assessment, we will ensure that the lease is written in such a way that you are protected. We will research, review and negotiate:

  • Comparable Rent
  • Duration of the Lease
  • Hidden Costs
  • Favorable Clauses
  • Termination Clause

Our attorneys work for you as trusted advisors who incorporate real world practicality with the highest level of professional, ethical, and effective representation. Our focus is to work collaboratively to obtain the best possible outcome and resolution for you.

When you place your trust in Policastri Law Firm, LLC to be your legal advisor, you can expect collaborative goal review, open communication, and personalized legal strategies. If you are in need of legal assistance, do not try to navigate these complex waters alone. We are committed to providing you a positive experience all while seamlessly handling the meticulous details.

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