Contract Disputes

We Are an Experienced Washington, DC Contract Litigation Firm

Here At Policastri Law Firm, we regularly represent local businesses, national businesses with a local presence, and individuals in contract disputes.

Though we have a diverse practice, contract litigation is our primary focus. As a Washington, DC contract litigation firm with a longstanding reputation as excellent trial lawyers, we have the insight and experience necessary to take on complex contract disputes.

Comprehensive Legal Service

We often assist commercial clients with various transactions (i.e., negotiating and drafting contracts, advising clients on compliance issues, etc.) and later, after serving as their transaction counsel, litigate disputes on their behalf. The fact that we offer comprehensive legal service is a legitimate strength. We are able to efficiently handle disputes because we have drafted and negotiated so many agreements. When we are working a case, we can easily identify the “hot button issues” in the contract itself, which allows us to quickly move toward a resolution.

Securing a Best-Fit Dispute Resolution

We are excellent at identifying complexities that the client may not have thought of initially. Frankly, any lawyer can draft a demand letter and file pleadings, but we put in the extra effort necessary to comprehensively evaluate the case and make a fairly reliable prediction of the outcome. By doing so, we are able to determine (at an early stage in the dispute) what strategies will have to be employed, how opposing counsel are likely to respond, and whether a favorable settlement is possible.

We are aggressive litigators willing to try a case to conclusion. In fact, many of our contract disputes advance to trial. That is not to say that we avoid settlement when doing so will lead to the best possible result for our client. It is this aggressive stance towards litigation — our commitment to preparing for the possibility of trial from the beginning of client engagement — that gives us significant leverage when going through negotiations with opposing counsel.

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We have decades of experience working with entrepreneurs and businesses located in northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and the Washington, DC metro area, helping them litigate a variety of contract disputes, from straightforward real estate property disputes to complex employment disputes.

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