Asset Purchase Agreements

If you are looking to purchase a certain business but do not want to purchase both its assets and liabilities, we would suggest an asset purchase agreement. These agreements allow you to choose and specifically state which assets you wish to acquire.  

Asset purchase agreements can include the following: 

  • Brand 
  • Contracts 
  • Intellectual Property  
  • Physical assets, machinery 
  • Property 
  • Stock 

There can be disadvantages to asset purchase agreements, most commonly, language that is not specific. Any language that can be construed as a gray area always leads to contract disputes. We cannot stress enough the critical importance of having experienced attorneys draft your agreements.  

When it comes to your contracts, you need a trusted ally -- someone who can advocate on your behalf and has your best interests in mind. Policastri Law Firm, LLC has been doing just that for over three decades. We will be there for you now, throughout the process, and long after your legal situation has come to a conclusion. 




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