Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is critically important as it relates to the success of a company. It is a system of rules and policies that dictate how a company is going to be run. These rules and policies allow for transparency, accountability and security. 

Our attorneys are trusted advisors who frequently counsel companies, their boards of directors and senior executives, on a number of issues that they might be facing. Many of those issues include: 

  • Board Chair and Director Duties 
  • Board Committee Structure 
  • Board Evaluation 
  • Board Structure 
  • Conflict of Interest 
  • Contested Takeover 
  • Director Election 
  • Risk Management 
  • Senior Executive and Director Compensation 
  • Succession Planning 

Corporate governance can be exceptionally complex if you don’t have a full understanding of what it entails. The attorneys at Policastri Law Firm, LLC have decades of experience working with businesses in northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and the Washington, DC metro area. 




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