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Comprehensive Business Counseling Services

If you require the services of experienced business counsel, Policastri Law Firm can help, whether you need to draft an employment contract or negotiate a lease. We cater to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs. Given the diversity of our client base, we understand that needs can vary quite substantially. Depending on what you need and the nature of your business, we may be able to propose a package or flat fee rate for our services.

We are forward-thinking in our approach to legal representation. Our focus is on efficient, high-quality counseling that we specifically tailor to each client. We are structured with minimal bureaucratic overhead, giving our clients greater access to our team and ensuring that the engagement will be responsive at every stage of a legal matter.

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Comprehensive Legal Representation

As business counsel, we provide truly comprehensive legal representation to our clients, handling a variety of matters that include:

  • Drafting and negotiating a range of agreements (i.e., lease agreements for commercial real estate, employment agreements, etc.)
  • Developing employee handbooks and other materials to minimize the risk of potential future  liability
  • Creating terms and conditions for your contracts with your customers

We handle both transactional and litigation-related work. As such, it’s not uncommon for us to work with a client — as business counsel — for whom we first handle transactions, and on whose behalf we later litigate. This approach has several advantages.

Not only is it more efficient (we understand the client’s business interests and goals, and have first-hand insight into the contracts that are in dispute), but it has also afforded us a birds-eye perspective of the lifecycle of common business-related conflicts. Thanks to the breadth of our experiences, we can anticipate the many ways in which a dispute might develop and prevent it through solid counsel in the transactional stage.

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At Policastri Law Firm, we have decades of experience working with business owners and entrepreneurs located primarily in suburban Maryland, northern Virginia and the Washington, DC metro area, both in a litigation-related capacity and in a business counseling capacity. Our comprehensive approach to legal representation ensures that clients are protected from potential liability risks and — in the event of a dispute — are put in an advantageous position during litigation.

We serve as legal counsel (i.e., transactions and advisory services) to a variety of businesses, from large corporations to internet startups and entrepreneurs. As each client has unique goals and limitations, we commit significant resources towards understanding the forces impacting their business and how we can better serve their interests.

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