Franchise Disputes Law

Owning a franchise can be an incredibly rewarding opportunity for many business owners. Unfortunately, owning a franchise is much like any other business, and disputes can arise resulting in litigation. 

These disputes can include:   

  • Agreement Disputes 
  • Disclosure Violations 
  • Royalty or Advertising Disputes 
  • Territory Disputes 
  • Trademark Infringement 
  • Wrongful Termination 

One of the best ways to avoid franchise litigation is to have a well-written, comprehensive contract in place. However, if a dispute emerges and litigation is unavoidable, it is essential to find experienced representation to handle these issues. 

Franchise litigation is usually very complex given that the franchise agreement itself may outline how disputes can be resolved. The attorneys at Policastri Law Firm, LLC are well versed in franchise disputes and are ready to guide you through this conflict. Call us today to discuss your legal options.   

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