Preliminary Injunctions / Temporary Restraining Orders

You have spent years putting in the hard work, crafting your product, message, and brand. There is nothing more infuriating than when someone tries to pass off your work as their own. Or, sometimes a party is threatening by their actions to breach an agreement you have in place.  

In both instances, you cannot afford to wait 12 months or more for a final Court decision. You need to take action – but what?  

We understand what you are feeling and as your trusted legal advisor, we are here for you to provide steady guidance. 

In many instances, a strongly-worded cease and desist letter is a great first step. It lets the offender know that you are serious and willing to take legal action. Unfortunately, some offenders disregard the letter.  

When cease and desist letter does not work, the lawsuit that is filed will be accompanied by a request that the Court take action right away and enter an order that will be in place pending the final outcome.  

Our attorneys are here to help you through the temporary restraining order / preliminary injunction process. We will assist with obtaining a temporary restraining order (TRO), which is a short-term measure requiring someone to do or cease from doing a specific action. The TRO is typically entered immediately with short notice and without a full evidentiary hearing. The TRO will remain in effect until the Court can issue a preliminary injunction. 

A preliminary injunction is essentially an extended TRO that lasts the life of the case until the Court can enter permanent injunctive relief. The preliminary injunction requires evidence at a hearing that is usually set within 45 days of entry of the TRO. Like the TRO which it extends, the preliminary injunction requires someone to do or cease from doing a specific action. It can be issued by a judge to stop the offender from continuing the action or conduct that is causing the issue.  

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